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The truth in a nutshell. Takes a while to unlearn all the shit you never needed to know and get back to the roots. Don’t be a slave to the system, don’t live a lie.

Wrote this a year ago on a train

I don’t fear death
I don’t fear losing someone
I don’t fear failure
I don’t fear myself
I don’t fear love
I have found happiness in myself and my existence.

I found purpose, but even that isn’t whats important. I found beauty in the positive and the negative. Happiness in sadness and in ecstasy. 

If I die, my energy and influence lives on
If I lose someone, the memories live on thru me and others
If I fail, I can lose everything and still be completely happy traveling and living off the land.
I don’t fear myself, I always act from my heart
I don’t fear love, it opens a new way to see the world. every love is different. It may lead to pain but in the long run you’ll see that pleasure overrules.

I’m living…a lot. I’m happy. Whether young or old, whether success, failure, poverty, riches, companionship or loneliness…I’m living. I’m happy.


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